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Fiber@Home to offer high speed broadband up to 1,000Mbps in Penang


Fiber@Home has been selected by Penang State Government as one of the partners in the Penang Fibre Forward Plan, an initiative designed to provide state-of-the-art communications infrastructure. The company claims that its open access network concept has already been adopted by the leading developers across the country and will now form a key component of the fibre infrastructure for the ...

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MCMC says Malaysians prefer slower broadband speed, supporting Minister’s comment


The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is saying Malaysians prefer slower broadband packages. On Monday, Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak said that most Malaysians choose to pay less for slower internet speeds instead of spending more on fast connections.

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Akamai: Malaysia Internet Connection Speed slower than Sri Lanka, Thailand


Akamai Technologies, Inc., one of the leading content delivery network (CDN) services in world, released its Second Quarter(Q2), 2015 State of the Internet (SOTI) Report recently. Based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform, the report provides insight into key global statistics such as connection speeds, broadband adoption metrics, notable Internet disruptions and IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 implementation.

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Vietnam, Australia, Singapore have better fixed broadband compared to Malaysia


Using the analysis of 30 countries around the world, Ovum created a Global Broadband Experience Scorecard to compare the quality of the consumer broadband experience. The analysis demonstrates the importance of how customers actually feel about their overall broadband experience, and how a poor experience can lead to customer churn. The research, which surveyed 15,000 fixed broadband consumers in 30 ...

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5 reasons why I won’t upgrade to the new Unifi 30Mbps package


Telekom Malaysia recently unveiled its new Unifi plans with faster download speeds. The Unifi Advance (Unifi 30Mbps) cost RM199 and comes with 30Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed. Users will have to pay more (additional RM50/month) to upgrade from 30Mbps to 50Mbps. Here’s 5 reasons why I won’t upgrade to the new Unifi 30 or Unifi 50 packages:

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TIME dotCom reports Q2 2015 Financial Results


TIME dotCom Berhad, a Malaysian telecommunications provider, posted revenue of RM163.8 million for the three months ended 30 June 2015, or 5.2% higher than the previous year’s corresponding period of RM155.7 million. The company said that this is attributable to strong overall revenue contributions from the group’s Data, Data Centre and Voice products, despite lower contributions from global bandwidth sales ...

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422 operators have commercially launched 4G LTE in 143 countries

422 operators have commercially launched 4G LTE in 143 countries, according to the latest data released by GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association). 106 operators commercially launched LTE service in the past year. 677 operators are investing in 4G LTE across 181 countries. This comprises 638 firm network deployment commitments in 176 countries (of which 422 networks have launched), and 39 ...

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AIMS Group acquire assets of Jaring Communications including its Data Centre

The AIMS Group, a leading data services provider today announced that it has secured the bid to acquire the data centre and network related customer assets of Jaring Communications Sdn Bhd. Jaring is the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Malaysia and it was put under the care of a liquidator after a court order in April, according to news ...

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Over 3,253 4G LTE devices now available in the global market

The total of 4G LTE user devices have now reached 3,253 according to the latest report by GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) in June 2015. There are 305 companies that manufacture these devices. The report covers LTE FDD and TDD (TD-LTE) devices.

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Akamai: Average Internet connection speed in Malaysia is 4.3Mbps

Akamai Technologies, Inc., one of the leading content delivery network (CDN) services in world, released its First Quarter(Q1), 2015 State of the Internet (SOTI) Report yesterday. The report is based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform providing insight into key global statistics such as connection speeds, broadband adoption across fixed and mobile networks, and IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 ...

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635 million LTE subscriptions worldwide as of March 2015

GSA, the Global mobile Suppliers Association announced that there are 635 million LTE subscriptions worldwide. It also said that LTE subscriptions continue to grow faster than any other mobile communications system technology. Analysing Q1 2015 subscriptions data provided by Ovum Ltd, GSA noted that in 3 successive quarters LTE subscription net additions have outpaced any other mobile communications technology.

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Malaysia Internet bandwidth consumption totaled 760,331Mbps in 2014

Malaysian Internet Exchange (MyIX) announced today that Malaysia’s Internet bandwidth consumption totaled 760,331Mbps in 2014 (from 349,277 Mbps in 2013), showing a 218% increase. In year 2012, Internet bandwidth consumption was recorded at 230,632Mbps. MyIX is an initiative under the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to connect and exchange local Internet traffic. It is managed by a committee that ...

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U Mobile to use TM Next-Gen Backhaul services to accelerate 4G LTE rollout

U Mobile Sdn Bhd and Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) today signed an agreement for the provisioning of backhaul connectivity services through TM Next-Gen Backhaul (NGBH) services. The agreement is sealed for a period of nine (9) years. Under this collaborative deal, TM will be providing fibre mobile backhaul connectivity via its TM Next-Gen Backhaul Services (NGBH) of up to 1Gbps ...

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Telekom Malaysia part of MCT submarine cable system

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) signed an agreement yesterday with two (2) other regional Telco players– Symphony Communication of Thailand and Telcotech of Cambodia, forming a consortium for the establishment of a state-of-the-art; the Malaysia – Cambodia – Thailand (MCT) submarine cable system. The latest intra-regional submarine cable system will be constructed by Huawei Marine Networks. It spans approximately 1,300 km ...

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TM renews agreement with 4 state-backed companies for fibre connectivity

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) recently renewed its Partnership Agreement separately with four (4) state-backed companies (SBCs) for the provision of fibre connectivity services to network operators residing in telecommunication tower facilities owned by the SBCs. The four SBCs are D’Harmoni Telco Infra Sdn Bhd (Johor), Perak Integrated Network Services Sdn Bhd (Perak), Perlis Comm Sdn Bhd (Perlis), and Yiked Bina ...

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