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Charging Mobile Devices could put Data at Risk – Kaspersky


Smartphones can be compromised via charging using a standard USB connection connected to a computer according to Kaspersky Lab.

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Kaspersky: Users signing away their Privacy when they install apps


Kaspersky Lab has discovered that consumers are installing apps on their devices (such as smartphones and tablets), without being aware of the potential consequences.

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Kaspersky: Social Network sharing – a target for Cybercriminals


Kaspersky Lab has found social network users share their posts, check-ins and other personal info with everybody who is online – not just their friends.

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Malaysians have better memory recalling phone numbers of family & friends

As part of Kaspersky Lab’s commitment to help people protect sensitive and important data in an online-enabled world, it has conducted a survey of 1,001 Malaysians aimed at better understanding how digital devices and the Internet affect the way consumers recall and use information; as well as their precautionary measures to protect it. Similar surveys were also conducted in other ...

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Check Point – Zero-Day attacks on Mobile Devices & Networks, biggest threats to Enterprises

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a global online security vendor, today issued its 2015 Security Report, the company’s third annual report revealing the major security threats that impacted organizations across the world. The Check Point 2015 Security Report provides insight into the major security events that occurred in organizations across the world and offers recommendations on how to protect against ...

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Stagefright flaw pose serious threat to Android users

Fortinet is warning Malaysian users that a critical vulnerability found in the Android operating system could allow hackers to gain access to their mobile devices with a single multimedia message. Described as “one of the worst ever Android vulnerabilities discovered to date”, Stagefright allows phone hack just by receiving a malicious MMS. What’s most alarming is that the victim does ...

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McAfee Labs Threats Report: February 2015 reveal that Mobile Apps left vulnerable for months

Intel Security released its McAfee Labs Threats Report: February 2015, including assessments of the mobile threat landscape and the failure of mobile app developers to patch critical secure sockets layer (SSL) vulnerabilities, potentially impacting millions of mobile phone users. McAfee Labs researchers found that mobile app providers have been slow to address the most basic SSL vulnerabilities: improper digital certificate ...

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Super-Spyware Regin malware detected in Telekom Malaysia network

Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team has published its research on Regin, pronounced “region” – the first cyber-attack platform known to target Telcos with GSM standard mobile networks for surveillance. The attackers behind this platform have compromised computer networks in at least 14 countries around the world. Kaspersky’s report on Regin shows it has the ability to infiltrate GSM ...

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Alcatel-Lucent report estimates 15 million mobile devices are infected with malware

Alcatel-Lucent released new data showing that security threats to mobile and residential devices jumped sharply during the first half of 2014, putting device owners at increased risk of being spied on, having personal information stolen, or experiencing ‘bill shock’ as result of pirated data usage. The Alcatel-Lucent’s Kindsight Security Labs report found that mobile malware infections increased 17 percent during ...

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Almost 80% of the Top 50 Free Apps in Google Play have Fake versions

As the number of mobile users continues to grow, the number of fake apps also grows at an alarming rate. According to a Trend Micro’s survey of the Top 50 free apps in Google Play, almost 80% have corresponding fake versions on third party sources. Even more alarming, 100% of those in the Widgets, Media & Video, and Finance categories ...

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