Digi added more subscribers in 1Q16, now at 12.3 million


Digi reported its First Quarter 2016 (1Q16) financial results. It added 211k new subscribers in 1Q16, now with a higher subscriber base of 12.3 million.

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Digi Postpaid 80: 10GB Mobile Internet at RM80/month [Official]


Digi Postpaid 80: 7GBGB Internet, 3GB Weekend Internet, Unlimited Calls to all Network. All at RM80/month.

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Digi Video Freedom video streaming pass, 10GB at RM5

(L-R) Airin Zainul, Group General Manager, tonton, Kingsley Warner, General Manager, Viu Malaysia/Head of Content SEA, Prashant Pathmanaban, Industry Head, Google, Emily Wee, Vice President, Business & Media Operations, New Media, TM, Loh Keh Jiat, Digi's Chief Marketing Officer, Praveen Rajan Nadarajan, Digi's Head of Postpaid & Digital Services, Shaiful Subhan, Vice President, Segment & Portfolio Management, Customer Division, Astro, Azran Osman-Rani, CEO iflix Malaysia and Ilan Sarfati, Content Manager SEA, dailymotion

The Digi Video Freedom passes comes with video streaming pass for usage up to 10GB a day at RM5.

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Digi 4G LTE coverage in the Sarawak Towns of Bau & Limbang


Digi 4G LTE coverage now covers the Sarawak towns of Bau and Limbang. The Telco claims that it has 4G LTE coverage of 58.5% covering areas in Sarawak.

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Digi Female Employees get 6-Month fully paid maternity leave


Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd announced its new 6-month fully paid maternity policy for its employees effective 1 Jan 2016.

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New 50GB & 100GB Broadband plans from Digi


Digi Broadband 100GB and 50GB quota plans. Broadband 145 priced at RM145/month, Broadband 185 is priced at RM185/month. Surf at 4G LTE-A speeds with MobiFi.

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Digi Accelerate, RM100,000 in seed funding to be won

Albern Murty, Digi's Chief Executive Officer and Praveen Rajan, Digi's Head of Postpaid & Digital Services with Malaysia's up-and-coming startups at the launch of Digi Accelerate

Digi Accelerate, the company’s first accelerator programme designed to strengthen efforts in supporting and developing the Malaysian startup scene.

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Papar & Tenom in Sabah gets Digi 4G LTE coverage, nationwide now at 72%


Digi 4G LTE network now available in Papar & Tenom in Sabah. Digi 4G LTE network now covers 72% of the human population areas in Malaysia.

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Digi offers RM200 discount on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge


Digi offering RM200 discount on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, free Samsung Gear VR headsets. Get free Wireless Charger for online purchase.

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Telenor: Top scams in Malaysia are Work from Home fraud, Internet Auction, Online Dating


Telenor Group: The top three scams in Malaysia are; ‘Work from Home’ fraud (30%); Internet Auction scams; (22%) and Online Dating scams (20%).

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