Here’s what Malaysians have to say about Maxis, Malaysia’s Best Data network


We asked our followers on MalaysianWireless Facebook about their thoughts on Maxis network, Malaysia’s Best Data network. These are their response:

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Maxis subscribers dropped to 12 million in 3Q15, 4G LTE coverage at 55%


Maxis Berhad (Maxis) announced their Quarter 3 financial results today. As of 3Q15, the Telco has a total of 12 million (11,956) revenue generating subscribers, down from 12,214 in 2Q15. There are 8.9 million (8,850) prepaid revenue generating subscribers (down from 9,068 in 2Q15) with an ARPU of RM39 while postpaid revenue generating subscribers is at 2.8 million (2,784 down from ...

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Why I think the MaxisONE Postpaid Plan ain’t worth it [Opinion]


Maxis revamped its MaxisONE postpaid plans last week, now with four different MaxisONE plans – MaxisONE plan 98, MaxisONE plan 128, MaxisONE plan 158 and MaxisONE plan 188. In summary:

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Maxis has 12.2 million subscribers in 2Q15, customer complaint at the lowest level

Maxis Berhad reported its quarter two financial results yesterday. As of 2Q15, Maxis has 12.2 million revenue generating subscribers (RGS). Breaking down the number, the Telco has close to 9.1 million prepaid RGS and 2.8 million postpaid RGS. Wireless Broadband subscribers is now lower at 351k but Home Fiber users increased to 99k as of Q2.

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Maxis has 12 million subscribers as of 1Q15, 4G LTE coverage at 39%

Maxis announced its Quarter 1, 2015 financial results on the 27 April 2015. In the quarter, Maxis added 328k new revenue generating subscriptions (RGS), bringing its total RGS base to 12 million.

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Two men run amok at Maxis Centre KLCC today, one got tasered by Police

Two Maxis customers were arrested earlier today after there were believed to have run amok at the Maxis Service Centre KLCC, where the Telco is based, according to a news report. The two guys wanted to purchase 10 Maxis VIP numbers, however there were only able to purchase two purchase 2 VIP numbers. Dissatisfied by it, the duo, both working ...

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MaxisOne Plan Start postpaid quietly launched, RM58/month

Maxis has quietly made available a new postpaid plan called MaxisONE plan starting on 19 March last week. No official announcement from Maxis at the point of writing. The new postpaid, part of the MaxisOne plan, offers the lowest monthly fee among the plans at RM58 a month. Details below.

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Maxis network “indisputably the best in Malaysia”, 12.9 million subscribers as of Q4, 2014

Maxis announced its fourth quarter (Q4), 2014 financial results on Friday. The Telco said that it added 536k subscribers in Q4 2014. Maxis has 12,913 million subscribers as of the end of 2014. There were 2,849 million postpaid subscribers and 9,624 prepaid subscribers, including 8.8 million mobile Internet users. Wireless Broadband subscribers is down at 440k in Q4 from 494k ...

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My experience with the Maxis 3G network- slow speed, poor coverage & needs a better network team [Comment]

I ported to Maxis in August 2014, hoping to experience the widest and fastest mobile network in Malaysia, as Maxis claims. This isn’t my 1st time on Maxis as I have been experiencing the network from time to time. Maxis claims that its widest & fastest network in Malaysia have the following capabilities:

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Maxis reports 12.4 million subscribers as of Q3, 2014

Maxis reports that it currently has about 12.4 million subscribers via its it third quarter (Q3) financial results ended 30 September 2014. Maxis has a total of 3,334 postpaid subscribers (including wireless broadband) as of September, down 25k subscribers compared to 3,359 in Q2. For mobile postpaid, there are 2,840 subscribers, up 12k from 2,828 in Q2. However Maxis Wireless ...

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