Maxis lost 415k subscribers in 1Q16, even lower mobile Internet subscribers


Maxis lost 415k mobile subscribers in Quarter One 2016. It has 11,164 million revenue generating subscribers, including 8.5 million mobile Internet users.

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Are these the new MaxisONE Postpaid Plans? Free 5GB Video Streaming Data [Insider]


Are these the new MaxisONE Postpaid Plans? More data and the new MaxisONE Share at RM48 with free 5GB data.

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Thousands of Malaysian not Happy with Maxis as Customers not treated Fairly [Comment]


Thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of Malaysian are not happy with our Telcos, but right now, Maxis appears to be the most popular among them all.

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Maxis Fibre Internet: 5 reasons Why I Won’t sign up [Comment]


5 reasons Why I won't sign up for Maxis Fibre Internet: Expensive pricing, poor service level guarantee and questions asked for money back guarantee.

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Maxis CEO, Morten Lundal buys 361,155 shares, a direct 0.005% stake


Maxis CEO, Morten Lundal owns a direct 0.005% stake comprising 361,155 shares. He also has an indirect 0.01 % stake, comprising some 1 million Maxis shares.

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Maxis lost 377k subscribers in 4Q15, lower mobile Internet users


Maxis lost 377k subscribers in 4Q15, currently at 11.6 million subscribers. 623k MaxisONE plan subs. 4G LTE: 71% coverage, 2.8 million devices.

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Spectrum: Maxis has been allocated 2x10MHz of 900MHz & 2x20MHz of 1800MHz


Maxis announced today that it has been allocated 2x10MHz of 900MHz and 2x20MHz of 1800MHz for 15 years, with full implementation starting 1 July 2017.

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Hotlink FAST, Do Whatever Faster, but customers saying slow Maxis Internet, poor experience [Comment]


Maxis Hotlink Fast, Do whatever faster except that Maxis customers say that network is slow, customers experience is bad.

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Here’s what Malaysians have to say about Maxis, Malaysia’s Best Data network


We asked our followers on MalaysianWireless Facebook about their thoughts on Maxis network, Malaysia’s Best Data network. These are their response:

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Maxis subscribers dropped to 12 million in 3Q15, 4G LTE coverage at 55%


Maxis Berhad (Maxis) announced their Quarter 3 financial results today. As of 3Q15, the Telco has a total of 12 million (11,956) revenue generating subscribers, down from 12,214 in 2Q15. There are 8.9 million (8,850) prepaid revenue generating subscribers (down from 9,068 in 2Q15) with an ARPU of RM39 while postpaid revenue generating subscribers is at 2.8 million (2,784 down from ...

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