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How to secure your Android Smartphone [Tips]

Mobile device will soon become the next prime target of malware, in fact, the attacks are already rising rapidly. The reason? It is simply because a modern smartphone is really just a small computer. How does it affect you? For a normal user, the damage can range from loss of your photos to personal files and even instantly damaging your ...

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[Tips] Advice on How to Protect your Smartphone

Lots of people out there store important information related to personal and work their smartphone. In the same time, there are many people who easily lose their phone, either it get stolen or they mistakenly drop it somewhere. Smartphone users can take some common sense precautions to protect their personal data from being stolen- Loredana Botezatu of BitDefender, a cybersecurity ...

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[Tips] Forward your un-resolved mobile/broadband complaints to CFM

Poor mobile coverage? Drop calls? Broadband speed did not meet your expectation as promised? Consumers usually make their complaint to the service provider when these issue are met but in most cases it never gets resolved especially when it comes to broadband speeds and coverage. In 2009,  the Consumer Forum Malaysia (CFM) received 1,324 complaints where the highest complaints was ...

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[Tips] Reduce Data Usage with Opera Mini Browser

Opera Software claims that its Opera Mini mobile browser allows mobile users to save more data while browsing on the phone. For those who use mobile data with limited “data quota” from the mobile operators, Opera offers the following tips: Open the full email only if necessary. Open email attachments sparingly, if at all. Manage your apps’ hunger for mobile ...

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Improve your mobile broadband speed

Having slow mobile broadband speeds? Here’s some factors that contributes to your connection and tips on how to improve it. Mobile Network capability/speed

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Seven smartphone disasters that could happen to you

Like all technology, smartphones can be hugely useful. However, some of the time they provide opportunities for tech-tinged embarrassment. We tracked down seven of the most unfortunate mobile phone  disaster tales we could find. The stories are fun to laugh at now, but most of them were anything but amusing when they actually occurred… Smartphones are useful, but they provide ...

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A simple guide to choosing a Mobile Broadband service

Are you not decided on which mobile broadband service to choose? Here’s a simple guide for you. Before you read below, please check out my blog post on “Mobile Broadband is not for Everyone“. Coverage If you are getting a mobile broadband service for use while traveling, choose between Maxis Broadband and Celcom Broadband. Celcom may have more 3G/2G coverage ...

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Tips: Mobile Anti-Virus for Smartphone

If you have a smartphone and use it for web browsing, email or file transfer, you are advised to install a mobile anti virus (AV) software. Below are some recommended mobile AVs: Kaspersky Mobile Security This is one of the best mobile security out there. Kaspersky Mobile Security also known as KMS offers Antivirus protection (Real Time), Powerfull Firewall, Anti ...

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Tips: Phone Calls

Here’s some advice when you receive a call/SMS from someone unknown. This advice also applies for calls that claims to be coming from services providers or mobile operators (such as Maxis, DiGi, Celcom, U Mobile, MCMC, Telekom….) Tip 1: DO NOT Trust the CallerFor whatever reasons, do not trust someone that you don’t know, even if the person knows your ...

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