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MBOX offers users celebrity voices for voice mailbox

IdotTV Sdn Bhd, an associate company of mTouche Technology Bhd, has teamed up with Maestro Talent and Management Sdn Bhd to launch MBOX platform, offering mobile phone users celebrity voices to answer their voice mailbox.

Sedania Media Group, the parent company of IdotTV, in a statement yesterday said IdotTV is forming similar strategic alliances to represent each genre and niche in the country and internationally in line with its globalisation approach to the business. mTouche has a 20% stake in IdotTV.

Sedania group chief executive officer Azrin Mohd Noor said the partnership with Maestro would allow IdotTV access to highly sought-after talents and is the first alliance consistent with its approach.

The introduction of MBOX provides a much needed revenue boost to the ailing voice segment with new revenue streams created via subscriptions and download of contents on the platform.

On top of that, artistes and celebrities can now offer their songs without incurring the high cost of recording and promotion.

IdotTV is currently also the mobile partner for “Kenangan Terindah Bersama Samsons” concert on Jan 6, 2007 in Kuala Lumpur. This will allow fans access to international contents on MBOX.

MBOX is earmarked for international development with Indonesia and Bangladesh. -TheEdgeDaily

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