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Asiaspace: WiMAX license a dream come true

Asiaspace as one of the winner for the WiMAX spectrum says that they will invest 300-400 million to roll out the service.

In a statement quoted from Bernama:

“Asiaspace has no problems working with any party or parties to realise our dreams,” it said.

It said with the spectrum, it would be able to play a much bigger role than merely providing the infrastructure for the operators.

“We will be able to contribute to the realisation of the ministry’s aspirations to achieve the targets provided for in the MyICMS 886 strategy,” it said.

Asiaspace will be operating in Peninsular Malaysia where they are expected to cover 25 percent of the population by end of the year and at least 40 percent 2 years from now.


Asiaspace is an infrastructure company for broadcasting and telecommunication network. The company is a licensed entity under the provision of Communication and Multimedia act 1998 (CMA).

Main areas of activity:

  • Infrastructure needs for all communication companies, particularly telecommunication companies
  • Digital transmission for audio and video broadcasting
  • Support structure for infrastructure build up to optimise telecommunication network integration

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