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Celcom Ajoke, now really a JOKE?

Just one week after Celcom launched the Ajoke service, I have been hearing a lot of GOOD NEWS around…. As an ANTI-SPAMMER which Celcom says to be, seems to be named as spammer by one, opps….not one but few of their customers.

Original Post by izma

“Since a few days ago I have been receiving a message from Celcom about a service AJoke. I attach the message that I receive everyday from Celcom. The joke is FREE but if I want to read it again I will have to dial *008 and be charged 20 cents per call. I think most Celcom subscribers do receive such messages and don’t be so silly to be trap into this scam. You can get FREE jokes anytime and anywhere FOC.

If I want to stop receiving the joke I must dial 25653 which I don’t know whats the charge is. Now, why is a reputable company like Celcom is making easy money from silly ideas such as a joke which doesn’t bring about any positive effect at all.

Celcom, Please stop this nonsense. Don’t spam your subsrcibers.”

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