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DiGi Fu-YoH!!(Full News)

As I reported yesterday, DiGi planned to launch a new prepaid called Fu-Yoh!… here is the official one.

Reinforcing its commitment to developing innovative products and services that are relevant to its customers needs, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“DiGi”) today launched Fu-Yoh!, a revolutionary prepaid plan targeting today’s youth.

Media in attendance at the DiGi Headquarters, D’House, were wowed by a super bike entourage, flying abseilers, a brass band march as well as high-flying stunts from the MotoX stunt bike crew. Morten Lundal, DiGi’s Chief Executive Officer topped the festivities off by arriving amongst the super bike formation, ushering everyone into the Fu-Yoh! spirit.

Morten said, “I understand that Fu-Yoh! is an expression that Malaysian youth use in their everyday lives. It conveys amazement, surprise and wonder at all things wow. So we designed a service to evoke those exact emotions.”

Loong Tuck Weng, DiGi’s Head of Segments and Marketing said, “DiGi currently has a customer base of 5.3 million, many of whom are prepaid subscribers in the youth bracket. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the youth of today are more discerning and very unique — which is why we always strive to be a step ahead and invest in new services that will secure our position in this thriving sector.”

Effective 27 March, DiGi prepaid customers under the Fu-Yoh! plan not only enjoy reduced call and data rates as well as enhanced services, they are also entitled to customized rewards and offerings that are catered specifically to the wants and needs of Malaysian youth.

These include the incorporation of DiGi’s one low flat rate voice tariff, and standardized SMS and MMS rates at RM0.07 and RM0.25 respectively across all networks. DiGi’s Friends and Family rates of RM0.01 and RM0.10 for SMS and MMS respectively also apply.

“One of the key needs of youth today is staying connected and being available. On average, they send and receive more than 20 SMSes and six calls a day. Now, with our one low, flat rate for voice calls, SMS, and MMS, they can keep in touch with their friends and family at the best value,” said Loong.

To kick-start the plan, upcoming Fu-Yoh! rewards include free passes to world-class events like the Good Charlotte concert in KL and even the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2007.

To continue the momentum, DiGi also will soon announce a slew of youth-centric events that are in line with the Fu-Yoh! spirit of being quirky, unconventional and grounded. Loong emphasized, “While we are looking at expanding our customer base, this plan is not just about increasing
market share. It is also our response to the ninth Malaysia Plan’s call or an active participation from the private sector in youth development programs that promote a healthy lifestyle.”

“Our youth will have an opportunity to take part in exciting, fun and positive activities that will be made available to them under the Fu-Yoh! banner,” he added.

All DiGi Prepaid customers can subscribe to Fu-Yoh! for a monthly subscription fee of RM3 per month, which is now waived for two months.

Fu-Yoh! customers can take part in the Fu-Yoh! ‘Spin & Win’ where the first 5,000 users who spend above RM80 per month get to spin a WAP animated wheel to win cool prizes.

For a limited time, DiGi is also introducing Fu-Yoh! Hours, where customers only pay for the first three minutes to enjoy unlimited talk-time with other DiGi users. The offer is valid on Sundays from midnight to noon (12 hours).

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