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DiGi plans third round capital repayment

DiGi.Com might plan a third capital repayment under a proposal to optimise its balance sheet says chief executive officer Morten Lundal.

“Right now, we have too much cash and too little debt” Lundal added.

“Our balance sheet is under-leveraged and we have to make good, to get to a more optimal balance sheet. We will announce, at some point, a better restructuring of the balance sheet.”

Last year, DiGi made two capital repayment totaled RM1.01b.

The Edge Daily quoted:

“On wireless broadband, he(Lundal) said DiGi would consider pursuing WiMAX on a 2.5Ghz spectrum following similar moves by Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) and Maxis Communications Bhd.”

“We had a strong application and we would be a strong contender if we focus on the broadband area. It is going to be a crowded market place,” Lundal said.

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