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P2P on Mobile Phones

mTouche Technology Bhd chief executive officer Eugene Goh thinks that his company might just have found it for the mobile market. Last month, mTouche launched the M-Bit Network, a global peer-to-peer (P2P) search and file super-distribution network.
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JeffOoi wrote M-Bit: New ambit for P2P file-sharing across mobile networks
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mTouche Technology Bhd plans to make this service available in Japan and Malaysia. This service is possible in Japan as there is a high usage of data services. In Malaysia, we still have problems in getting a good Internet service, and we have anti-p2p filters on BIG ISPs like Maxis and those OLD AGED UNDERGROUND CABLE OWNERS where they deny doing it!!!!

MOBILE P2P? Its a dream for EVERY SINGLE MALAYSIANS THAT USE THE SERVICE CALLED BROADBAND OR 3G(except for satellite broadband users). We even have to pay a high price on data usage, so Mobile P2P can’t never be successful unless we have cheap, acceptable QUALITY of unlimited mobile data services which has been successfully proven by our current 3G services.

M-Bit is a good p2p application/software for mobile phones, but if the mobile data services in Malaysia is still expensive(GPRS is still 10sen/10kb since the day it was launched around 4 years ago!!!!), then its hard for this service to take up. P2P involves high bandwidth consuming which those OLD AGED CABLES cannot handle, and ones it is down, it takes some 7 days to dig out the cable and repair it(JARING does it in 6 hours).

I like the M-Bit P2P services which only charges RM3 for monthly usage(software only), but its a real sad situation not only for the broadband services but also the MOBILE broadband services in Malaysia.

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