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Australia fears slow internet speeds

Resulting the issues of broadband access raise by main opposition Labor Party, Australian government gave its 958 million Australian dollars (US$807 million) deal to OPEL Networks Pty Ltd to offer high speed internet service for 3.7 million households and businesses.

Prime Minister John Howard’s government is seeking to counter criticism of the nation’s Internet speeds by the main opposition Labor Party, with an election due this year.”-Business Times

OPEL Networks Pty Ltd is a joint venture between Singtel’s Optus and Elders.

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I wonder when will the Malaysian Government know that Malaysians are facing a serious broadband problem? I guess that Putrajaya and Cyberjaya is on a SLG(Service Level Guarantee) internet service.

Its good to see that Australia is concern on its up coming election. In Malaysia, MCMC assigns spectrum that interferes between Measat 3 and 3.5Ghz.

Did I hear that our election is somewhere around the corner?

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