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Macrokiosk offers Automated Mobile XChange (AMX)

Mobile messaging technology enabler Macrokiosk Bhd believes its Automated Mobile XChange (AMX) solution is the answer to service problems faced by telecommunications companies and their subscribers.

The product is to help telcos in the region fight unsolicited SMSes, launch their own external content provider programme, provide a content delivery mechanism, and handle number portability.

It was launched during CommunicAsia 2007 in Singapore recently.

“We believe telcos will find this a timely solution for resolving issues of overcharging, spamming, inability to opt-out, illicit downloads, unsolicited text messages, and billing errors,” said Macrokiosk chief executive officer Kenny Goh.

“It will save time, manpower and effort for the telcos.

But more importantly, it will create a high confidence level for their mobile users.” Goh said the homegrown solution, which took eight months to build, is a telco-grade product that has four modules — filtration, charging, content delivery and portability.

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