Thursday, June 1, 2023

Apple’s iPhone is finally out!!!

So, the iPhone is finally out now. I am not sure about you guys, but I woke up this morning to watch the live iPhone launch(6a.m) over the Internet. Its history, 1984, it was a Apple computer, 2001, it was an iPod, today, 29 June 2007 marks the launch of an iPhone.

There were thousands of peoples waiting outside the AT&T stores hours before the launch. Many of them counted the countdown minutes before the stores are open to public.

Some 30 minutes after the launch, the iPhone is already on eBay for sale over $1000. Half an hour later, it was reported that the first iPhone was sold on eBay for $1500.

There were even peoples from other countries like Europe bought the iPhone in hope that they could use it in their country, but thats not going to happen as the iPhone only works on AT&T and it needs to be activated online in iTunes.

Here are some links for the current happenings:

iPhone’s new looking site
All the happenings of iPhone in CNET
Gizmodo’s coverage on iPhone(unboxing,review)
Blog on Technorati that relates to iPhone
iPhone Concept Blog

But, here is the best part, at the point of writing this article, people are still queuing up to buy an iPhone, while some technology writers are doing a review on it, still some “people” tend to do the scariest part of it…

iPhone Disassembly

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