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TM’s Technician-The Best!!!!

Technician who’s a credit to TM

Recently my Streamyx went out of order and I lodged several reports with TM.

For a long time I was not able to use my Streamyx until on June 8 at about 6.30pm, a TM staff from the Datuk Keramat branch by the name of Shukri came to my house to check out the problem.

He immediately proceeded to rectify the problem. It was obvious that he was not only pleasant, hardworking and efficient, but was also very knowledgeable, as he found the cause of the problem within a short time.

Since Shukri was alone on duty at that late hour, he told me he was not able to change my telephone wire, which was outside my house as he was not equipped with a long ladder.

But the next morning he came and installed a new telephone line outside my house and immediately like magic, my Streamyx performed excellently and fast.

Bravo Shukri, you are a credit to TM! A thousand thanks to you.


Ampang Jaya, Selangor.


The story here , here and here has more to say… well its just part of the story which describes the whole picture of how professional TM is….

Err…does anyone know June Josef and her occupation?…… 😉

Also listen to this recorded audio.(Note:I/Telco Talk is not related to this recording. I also did not upload this file. It is a conversation between a RUDE CUSTOMER and the TMNet Call Center. The recording contains OFFENSIVE language. Again, this audio has nothing to do with me.)

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