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iPhone’s impact

You might be wondering why there are so many post on iPhone for the past few days.

ITS iPhone week people!!!

Since the announcement of iPhone back at Macworld 2007 in January, hand phone makers around the world has started thinking twice on their marketing strategies and product developments.

We saw the entry of LG Prada just few months after the iPhone was announced. The LG Prada has a very similar look to the iPhone that has a large touchscreen interface.

Does this mean that up coming device, so called phones will have less buttons and much more smarter? Like the iPhone?

Currently, PDA/Phones in the market are mostly touchscreen. Most people including Malaysia thinks PDA/Phones are EXPENSIVE and it is meant for BUSINESS USE. Did Apple just say NO?


The iPhone has 4GB/8GB of storage without any external storage options, it has features of an iPod, phone and a powerful internet device with a user friendly interface.

Most PDA/Phones out there are powered by Windows Mobile which is developed by Microsoft. Others are powered by Linux, Symbian UIQ(Sony Ericsson P series) and also Blackberry.

Should all of them start worrying of OS X on the iPhone? Most user that just bought the iPhone says that the interface is great and very user friendly. Can Windows Mobile 6 achieve the same score?


Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG has started to develop more touchscreen(in other words: More iPhone alike) phones since the announcement of iPhone.

Even though iPhone was just launch, it is estimated that half million iPhones was sold since the launch. It may end up like how Sony was wondering what hit them till they can’t sell an Walkman.

Nokia has planned a touch-screen cellphone called Aeon which is still in rumor stage. Motorola on the other hand has plans for Razr 2 that features of a full web browser on Linux OS.

Samsung will be unveiling the Ultra Smart F700 that also features a large touch-controlled screen some where this year. Sony Ericsson is said to be introducing W960i, a touch screen phone with memory space for 8,000 songs.

Other Korean manufactures has also started to develop mobile phones that is similar to the iPhone.

Between Life and Death?

Should rivals like Nokia and Motorola, leaders of the market, start running away or not back out without a fight? Will we see more touch-screen phones in the coming days? Will consumers spend more for a phone that combines an internet device and a music player?

Apple says that 10 million iPhone is targeted to be sold next year which represents 1% of the mobile phone market. Analysis predicted before the launch that few hundred thousand iPhones will be sold out this year now changed their estimation to some 1 million units of iPhone.

The Mac was a successful product. The iPod was a huge success. Will iPhone make the same success?

I am still wondering which telco will Apple pick in case the same situation at US happens here? Will iPhone be 3G? How many people will line up to get one?

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Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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