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Celcom 3G: For Better or Worst?

The story begins when I subscribed to Celcom 3G Daily Unlimited three days ago(10,August). My first surfing experience with Celcom 3G was so good that I faced a very slow connection to 80% of the sites that I tried to visit. Some website did not load perfectly assuming that it was due to data loss in the network. I was using my 3G phone as a modem.

First I thought it was a network problem, so I called up to the Celcom Careline but was told that there were no network problem. I plugin my EDGE data card(DiGi EDGE) and I could surf all the websites which had problem on Celcom 3G.

I changed my Celcom SIM Card to my 3.5G PDA Phone, and again the websites started loading slow, some did not even load. There were only few website which loads up in an average speed which was, Google, The Edge and few more. The fastest website was Yahoo Mail.

On 12 of August, I subscribed to the service again to invest another RM8 of mine assuming that it was a network problem earlier. Yes!!!! This time, I have a better surfing experience, yet it was not as fast as my DiGi EDGE. Overall, Celcom 3G was faster on certain sites but was too slow on certain sites too….I felt angry as I had problem loading certain local hosted sites including those hosted in TMNet. Not all international websites had problem, websites hosted in Singapore was the fastest, again it was Yahoo.

This time, I had another problem. I can’t load any heavy picture sites/blogs!!!!!!!!

Its a fact, I tested it again and again on multiple picture blogs and I had problem with Celcom 3G.The problem starts when I try to open a heavy picture blogs like Smashpop(this site loads well on my DiGi EDGE), the sites starts loading as normal but when the time comes to load all the pictures, it stops half way(some picture loads half way while some did not load). I have a live/active connection yet I could not use the Internet at all. Resetting the connection(reconnect) solves the problem.

Looking for alternative, I use proxies located in Australia, Malaysia, US, Singapore, U.S and Korea,yet I had similar problem. Again, I had no problem loading “normal” sites even though most of it took time to load. I tried to open few of the pictures (that did not load earlier in the blog) on separate browser by copying its URL, and the pictures loads up with no problem!!!!

Making my second call to the Celcom Customer Service gave me these answer “ Sir, Celcom does not do that in the network“…..

Talking about P2P, I got average an 20-60kb around 7pm yesterday. Half an hour later, I had to reset the connection and I could not use P2P since then.I wonder, if skype is banned?

Doing a speed test gave various results. Overall, the average speed was 200kbps and maximum was around 347kbps. Upload speed was around 90-100kbps while ping test gave me an average 500-800ms(made the test around 9pm on August,12).

Does anyone has similar experience? or other problem?(Maxis user complaints about loading images on website,click here)


  • I had full 3G signal on my phone(Have better 3G signal compared to 2G in my area)
  • I do not faced any problems with my 3G phone
  • I believe that I was using 3G and not HSDPA
  • Tested speed in Jaring, TMNet, CNet and
  • Tested with Bluetooth version 2.0, 1.2 and USB 2.0
  • There were no programs running while I was surfing
  • I did not open multiple pages in one time
  • My bluetooth phones was within the range while the test took place
  • I judged the service fairly and I do not promote DiGi EDGE

Earlier, I planned to subscribe Celcom 3G Monthly Unlimited package, NOW I have to think 10 times before doing it. Soon, I will be getting my hands on Maxis Wireless Broadband from Maxis for testing…..(Note: Maxis does not offer the 30 days trial anymore) I don’t know what will be next this time as I have not heard any good comments on Maxis 3G.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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