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Celcom: Best Quality Network?

I attended a Celcom event recently, and I managed to write down some information which I wanted to share with readers.

This is what Celcom claims:

Drop Call Rate

  • 2G: 0.5%
  • 3G: 0.9%

SMS Delivery Time

  • First 10 seconds: 85%
  • 20 seconds: 90%
  • 7 Min: 95%

Customer Care Uptime:

  • 99.8%

Network Fault

  • Response Time to Site: 2 hours
  • Service Restoration: 4 hours
  • Problem Resolution: 24 hours

Celcom claimed that their customer service is located at the number 1 spot currently compared to other telco while having the largest/widest 2G and 3G coverage in the country.

You be the judge. Comments are most welcomed.

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