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Facts about Maxis(Edited)

Here are some facts about Maxis:

  • Claimed to have more than 500,000 3G subscribers
  • Claims that 150,000 users have tried out its Maxis TV
  • Claims to do the first DVB-H trial in Malaysia with 100 users( 70% of them will buy a DVB-H phone and 80% will use their service which all of these 100 users are BELIEVED TO BE Maxis staffs)
  • Claims to be one of the first in the world to launch HSDPA for large scale residential broadband service
  • Claims that they are first in the world to develop lower cost and fastest HSDPA home modem
  • Claims to have 2 million ACTIVE data users
  • It will have the fastest HSDPA network, 14.4Mbps, in the country by year end

Any more facts which is yet to be known? Write to me in the comments section…..

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