Fomca calls for drastic action against SMS spoofing on POSTPAID CUSTOMER

Did you read the title of this article?

Read carefully..

The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca) wants the Government to take stronger steps in dealing with SMS-spoofing, reported by Steven Patrick,The Star.

SMS Spoofing means generating fake requests for Short Message Services. In simple worlds, a mobile phone user is charged for a service he/she did not request such as ringtone downloads and more.

The MCMC plans to solve these scam by doing this.

In the Star article:

It is not a question of one or two consumers being billed an extra few ringgit per month,” said Fomca director Darshan Singh at a press conference today.(So, its NOT A QUESTION in cheating few dollars from the one or two consumers?When it will be a question?)

There are 20 million cellphone users, 80% of which are postpaid service subscribers,” he said. “If every one of those 16 million consumers is billed just RM3 a month, that comes up to RM48mil.” (Based on the MCMC figures as picture below, more than 80% mobile phone subscribers are PREPAID users. As a Directors at FOMCA and knowing things about SMS Spoofing, facts like these should not go wrong. I do hope Steven Patrick as the writer of the article could get things right or please remove the statement.)


Issuing bills does not solve SMS Spoofing!!!! Maxis was badly affected by SMS Spoofing and has taken action by implementing antispam and antispoofing solution that cost them close to 3.5 million.

Other telcos are yet to follow.

MCMC should take strict action on Content Provider that practice SMS spoofing and impose very high fine on Telcos for the failure to protect consumers due to their non-perfect system.

Repeating offense by a Content Provider should be banned from the business or must be taken to court.

Read The Star article here by Steven Patrick.

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