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Hotlink:Supersaver to Supercheater

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I would like to highlight the gimmick behind Hotlink’s Supersaver which offers 400 SMS for 1/2 sen. It also mentions that the SMS is valid from 1am – 7pm. Amazing deal isn’t it considering it covers peak hours during the day.

I’ve activated mine in the late afternoon and I was shocked that the 400 SMS credited would expire at 7pm on the same day. Now I’m left with 400 SMS worth RM2 and I have to finish using it in a few hours.

I felt this is a very dirty and cheap gimmick to play around with consumers. What’s the point of offering so many SMS when you are forced to finish them in a few hours depending on activation time.

Who sends 400 SMS in 19 hours!? That’s like sending an SMS every 3 minutes between 1AM – 7PM. I think MCMC or Consumer Associations should take action on this tactic. Perhaps you should highlight it on your blog to make more people aware of this and to avoid being deceived like me.

Frustrated Hotlink Customer

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