Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Maxis Broadband rocks!!!

I have been testing the Maxis Broadband and the Unlimited Data for some time now. Wow!!! Its really fast…

First, I strongly recommend to not fully believe what you have read on most of the forum regarding Maxis broadband.Of course there are some facts which are true, but again, Maxis HSDPA is truly fast!!!

Of course, it does has its downside which I cannot browse the internet at all when it moves to Maxis GPRS or EDGE network. I also see that some images has been compressed by the network on certain website.

Overall, speed was very fast, as long as you are within the Maxis HSDPA coverage.

Here are some facts which I got from “The Insider“:-

  • P2P is capped but you can use it between 1am-6am as they allow it during the time
  • 3GB limit is just to scare users, they will not disconnect you anyway
  • There are plans to offer USB modem(Wireless Broadband) in future
  • You have the option to terminate the Voice Service even though without returning the phone and can be done via phone call
  • Skype or any P2P based software is banned
  • Unlimited Data Plan(D120) with 3GB limit was decided by the postpaid department and not the broadband department
  • The 768Kbps package is not capped at 768kbps but it will be able to go up as high as the Unlimited Data package.
  • In normal case, Maxis tries not to disconnect you but will switch you to the 3G network if the network finds “no activity” in the HSDPA network.

Overall you can achieve bandwidth up to 3Mbps based on location and signal. I will recommend the 768Kbps and the Unlimited Data package if you are within the HSDPA coverage.

Note: I did not try the 384Kbps package and I guess that most people are complaining about it(forums). Its sad that I do not have a good 3G coverage(weak signal) in my area even though it supports HSDPA. I am able to achieve somewhere around 384Kbps with my 1.8Mbps modem(phone) in my area with only 1-2 signal bars.

I guess all the questions are answered…

P.s: If you will like to see specific test results, I need a HSDPA PCMIA card. Send me an email if you are able to help…..I will be returning all the test sim and modem soon.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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