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Telco Talk Malaysia is 10 months old

Thanks to readers that has been visiting my blog all the time, everyday……

Sadly, I will be reducing my post/article on Telco Talk as I am not getting the comments that I am expecting.

Even though I do get a lot of email, I am still unhappy as I don’t see more response on articles posted on this site.

As I am back to work, I have less free time. From now,I will try to focus on more up to date news while keeping all post/articles very short(real short).


If you like Telco Talk Malaysia, Please Start To Comment or recommend this blog to your friends.Its one of the way that makes me feel that my work is appreciated.

I am not paid to blog here and it takes time to write and find all the latest information.

I will focus and provide more updates if I do see more comments posted on my article.

If you have not commented in this blog, please start now.

Again, Thanks to ALL READERS.

Hope to see this blog ALIVE!!!!!

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