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Celcom having network problem again

It happened again, I am unable to use Celcom 3G since 2am this morning. It is believed Celcom had a network failure on its 3G network and part of its 2G network.

It I can recover, this is the third or fourth time Celcom had problem with its network for this year. Usually, the problem that user faced is having a good signal but they are not able to use voice or data service. Today, its worst. The Celcom3G seems to be available but few seconds later, my phone and the Huawei E220 modem was not able to detect it(I have a full Celcom 3G signal in my area).

Even though I am able to get on the Celcom 3G network, data services are not available. Switching back to 2G(GPRS) gives me no problem in surfing.

I thought Celcom had the Best Quality Network?

Note: Maxis3G and DiGi EDGE did not had any problem during this period.

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