Telenor is meeting the Minister today

Top executives from Telenor ASA will be meeting the Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik today, Bernama reported.

Telenor ASA increased its stake in DiGi to 61% back in 2001 with a condition to reduced their stake to below 49% by 2006. Last year Telenor was given a 1 year extension to reduced its stake in DiGi.

Last month, Dr.Lim said that Telenor will not be given an extension to reduce its stake in DiGi and has sent them a reminder letter to comply the rule.

There were rumors since last year about Khazanah Nasional Berhad swapping shares with DiGi via Time dotCom . Other rumors include swapping shares with Green Packet.

DiGi was denied twice when it applied the 3G and WiMAX license. The deal with Time dotCom will allow DiGi to roll out 3G service while the deal with Green Packet will allow DiGi to roll out WiMAX services.

DiGi will need a next generation technology/network to cope with market demands in the future. Even though 3G has not proof anything big during the past 2 years, it has began to take off when telcos started changing their game plan, for example Wireless Broadband service was rolled out in an affordable price.

DiGi needs a 3G or a WiMAX license within the next 2-3 years to live in the Malaysian Mobile Service Provider market. Its a need and not their wants. As 1st generation is not being used today, the 2nd Generation will also become history when we move forward. DiGi needs any of these license to not become a history.

Last checked, Telenor ASA is among the top 50 largest Telecommunication service provider in the world for the year 2006. It has operation in over 12 countries like Norway, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and more. It has more than 129 million mobile subscriptions worldwide.

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