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Apple EpiCentre, The Pavilion

EpiCentre, Apple’s Premium Reseller Store in Asia, opened its first store in Malaysia on Friday. Located at Level 5 in The Pavilion, it offers a comprehensive, latest and widest range of Apple products and its compatible accessories.

As for the opening promotions, EpiCentre offered 50% discount for the 1GB iPod Shuffle which was priced at RM174. Sadly, I already owned an iPod Classic 160GB. Other Apple product were also priced at a discounted value.

EpicCentre has two outlet in Singapore and was awarded Best Apple Retail Asia 2006 by Apple.

Here are some pictures:

The front view of EpiCentre
Wide range of iPod accessories
iPod Shuffle @ RM174
Briefing of Apple’s new Leopard OS

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