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Celcom and Palm offers Treo 500v

Celcom and Palm has launched the Treo 500v in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

The Treo 500v is a 3G phone with bluetooth 2.0, 26MB flash and 64 ram. It runs on on Windows Mobile 2006 Standard Edition with an exclusive Vodafone user interface.

See the full spec here http://enterprise.vodafone.com/site/enuk/product_solutions/handsets/palmtreo500/p_palmtreo500.jsp

The Treo 500v is not a 3.5G(HSDPA) phone, but due to Celcom’s cleverness, it is offering an Advance package that offers speed up to 3.6Mbps and another package called Basic that offers speed up to 384Kbps, for Treo 500v users.

The Basic package cost RM68 for unlimited use while the Advance package cost RM98, for unlimited use, monthly. Both data packages are targeted to Celcom business users.

At the launch yesterday together with Palm from Singapore, Celcom Corporate Vice President, Corporate Enterprise, Global Enterprise Division, En. Mohammed Farid Mohammed Yunus say the Advance package with speed up to 3.6bps is offered although the Treo 500v does not support it as Treo 500v users could use the sim on other phones with HSDPA(3.6Mbps) capabilities.

Palm has done a good presentation before that about how perfect the Palm Treo 500v is, does this mean Celcom is saying that the Treo 500v is not good enough? This a real insult to Palm.
Anyway, Celcom is in the picture with the ONLY reason that Celcom has a partnership agreement with Vodafone.

Other Vodafone partners in other countries has already or in the midst to offer the Palm Treo 500v.

For those who want to buy the phone, it cost RM1588 and available at selected Celcom and Blue Cube outlets.

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