Sunday, June 4, 2023

Happy launched to make all of us HAPPY(updated-video)

DiGi has launched Happy, a new prepaid service targeted to people who makes a lot of calls and sms.

With just 1sen/second and up to 99sen per call to any number in Malaysia, I believe Happy offers the cheapest call rate in Malaysia. That even beats TM’s fixed line offerings. SMS cost only 10sen to local numbers.

Users could reload any of the available amount starting from RM5 which has a validity of 60 days regardless of the amount reloaded. You could do the reload at Happy’s website with a credit card or via e-pay outlets.

The sim pack that I received comes with no fine print(nothing inside it except the sim card), Happy is currently using the prefix 014.

Sadly, although the Voice call and SMS rate is low, but the MMS, data, call center and international services are too expensive. Refer the table below.

What upsets me is that Happy did not mention that the 99sen rate is up to 45 minute per call in its press release. It was mentioned during a session with Morten Lundal(DiGi CEO) on the other day after Happy was officially launched. I did not find this info on Happy’s website either and this will confuse a lot users as the table above mentions about max. RM0.99 PER CALL without saying anything about the 45 minute per call limit.

Check out other Happy features here. Happy will ride on DiGi’s network and users using Happy will see “Happy” as the operator logo on their phone.

I was given a free Happy number that goes 014-320202x but sadly I lost my Nokia 6680 with the Happy number the day I activated it. I tried to get back the same number since I had registered myself before activating Happy but according to their customer service, I cannot get a replacement sim card since the service it not available. Now that makes me SAD.

When asked about about how will DiGi earn money, CK Koay, Head of Happy told me that the earning comes from the usage of other services like MMS and Data.

According to CK, Happy will not be recognize if you take it to a DiGi center, that’s because Happy is maintained by an independent team within DiGi which consist of 4 main people including him.

Based on analysis, DiGi’s made this move because it was preparing itself from U Mobile which is expected to launch its service on march next year. Currently U Mobile’s postpaid service which is under trial offers no monthly fee with a lot of free services and low priced voice call. Imagine if they launch a prepaid service that could effect all the other three telco’s business.

If you make a lot of Calls and SMS, Happy is designed for you.

You could purchase a Happy starter pack here with a credit card that will cost you RM25(preloaded of RM20 airtime) with free delivery or you could drop by at selected Giant hypermarket by referring here and purchase the starter pack for only RM5 without preloaded airtime.

Call 014-3456789 or visit for more info.

P.s: Apologies for the late update as I was so busy with work. Thank you for all the emails but I was already updated…..;) Hmn…….Now, can someone buy scamboy a new phone?

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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