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What to expect from Green Packet on WiMAX?

Packet One, a subsidiary of Green Packet, one of the 4 WiMAX 2.3Ghz licensee, has been interviewed by Business Times. Below are the 7 questions with Michael Lai, CEO of Green Packet International Sdn Bhd.

Michael Lai

QUESTION: What is going to differentiate your service with others?

Lai: We will go to market with fixed voice first, then it will later move on to nomadic and then mobility. But with YTL and all, same competition but of course you will compare price, service, speed and the other usual attributes.

QUESTION: What sort of offerings can the consumers expect from Packet One?

Lai: We will go beyond price with content, with entertainment. If we are just going with connectivity then we can just do fixed broadband. So you can expect to see lots of new content from us.

QUESTION: What are the current limitations within Malaysia’s broadband industry?

Lai: One is having one big player. But with the other players growing, the landscape for broadband is going to be different. It is already changing today.

QUESTION: Can consumers expect much lower pricing?

Lai: When GSM was started it was expensive. Just like any initial technology, it will be expensive first. Then the prices will come down as the cost of investment is offset.

Mobile is still expensive to a certain amount but consumers don’t complain due to the convenience. Which is why we should pay closer attention to the benefits it brings.

However, competition should reduce price. Definitely you’ll see that but it’s a matter of how soon it will happen.

QUESTION: So, do you see a price war?

Lai: It really depends on what space the player in the market wants to play. Based on what we talked about in terms of the promise of WiMAX, price is just one component. Like mobile, if it’s about price, the usage numbers would not be more than fixed-line users.

QUESTION: One worry is reliability. Would you be able to deliver a reliable alternative? How was the trial?

Lai: The trial was pleasant and we could easily get a speed of 1Mbps. We will try our best to deliver but we do not wish to over promise. We will work on the quality and make tweaks along the way.

QUESTION: Will it not be a rush to roll out next year?

Lai: The target has been set. We are doing rollout in phases. It doesn’t happen overnight but we will provide as much coverage as fast as we can. We want to ensure that the quality of the network is there.

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