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A chance for you to win a Samsung mobile phone

The Samsung BlogMob program offers 3 of the 16 bloggers to walk away with either a Samsung i450 or a Samsung i550 mobile phone.

Thanks to Mobile World and Samsung, I am one of the 16 bloggers and I am offering you the chance to win a Samsung mobile phone.

The main purpose of Samsung BlogMob is to know Samsung mobile phones better and use the phone in daily lives and blog about it. And that’s is just what I am going to do.

There are 3 categories where BlogMob bloggers can win a phone each:

  • Contest 1 – Best Blogger-Judged by content posted on the blog that is related to the phone
  • Contest 2 – Introducing the phone-This fun contest requires you show the phone to as many people as possible
  • Contest 3 – Highest site traffic for the period

The winning prize for each category is a Samsung i550 or a Samsung i450.

Now, I am opening Contest 2 and Contest 3 to all of you.

It is simple, for Contest 2, show the i450 to more than 50 people in one or more photo( I can loan you the phone), and send me the pictures. If I win for this category, I will give the winning prize(Samsung mobile phone) to the the person who contributed the highest number of people for this category on my blog.

For Contest 3, write anything about the Samsung i450 and link to my articles on the Samsung i450, if I win for this category, the winning prize goes to the blogger that contributed the highest traffic to this blog(from his/her blog).

Of course I wish to win the phone for myself and I can still do it via Contest 1, but the main objective of BlogMob is to make Malaysians know Samsung mobile phones better. I thank Samsung Malaysia for choosing blogs like mine and the other 15 rather than going for a high traffic personal blogs that has more pictures rather than informational contents( not all but most of it).

For that I am sacrificing my opportunities to win the phone and I am serious about it. My main objective right now is to make more people know more about the Samsung i450.

Even though if I don’t win any of this category, I am still eligible to buy the Samsung i450 or the Samsung i550(if available) at half price which will be around RM700, and I will select the best contributor from either Contest 2 or Contest 3 to this blog to purchase the phone at this price.

I will still blog about the Samsung i450 and I hope you will also support me by doing the same.

Contest ends May 15, 2008.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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