Friday, October 7, 2022

Samsung BlogMob #1

I was at the Samsung BlogMob event last Saturday. OK!!! I know that I am late to blog about this, but again I am the first among 16 BlogMob bloggers to talk about BlogMob.

Let’s get back on topic, I said that I will make one post a day about the Samsung phone I received, OK!! OK!!! I know I am the last to blog about this but I was busy testing out U Mobile’s Surf With U, attending its new postpaid launch, Mobile World TV shooting and meeting a reader from France. Even now, I am blogging this in a half “mabuk” mode.

I was given a Samsung SGH-i450 and not the Samsung SGH- i550 as I wanted. Basically, the SGH-i450 is a music phone while the SGH-i550 is more like a business phone. Although I own an iPod Classic 160GB which I am satisfied, it leaves me no choice but to review the SGH-i450. Samsung Malaysia, are you reading this?

(SGH-i450 slide up)

Although I dislike slider phones, this SGH-i450 made me changed my mind, I could easily slide the phone up and down.

(SGH-i450 slide down)

I wish to test out its music features but Samsung did not provide us an microSD card that is required by the phone so that I could load some of my over 1,000 songs to the card and play it on the SGH-i450.

Below is the picture of the Mobile World Editor and what is he doing with those cards at a BlogMob event? OMG….

If you want to know why? Contact him via editor(at)

As promised, I will try to make at least 5 post a week. If you are a blogger, do check out this blog tomorrow for something that can benefit you. I am sure you will not regret it.

STAY TUNED, Samsung lovers!!!

(Note: Pictures belongs to Mobile World magazine and may not be used, reproduced without written permission from Mobile World magazine)

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