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iPhone 3G coming to Malaysia?

Looks like iPhone 3G is coming to Malaysia, officially.

It was first reported in The Malaysian Insider that the iPhone 3G will soon be available via Maxis and it will be priced under RM1,000.

Later Maxis’s spokesperson said that we “decline to comment on speculation”, as normal.

In the 2008 Mobile Content Challenge that took place last Friday, the CEO of Maxis said “As and when Apple decides to finalise its plans for Malaysia, Maxis hopes to be one of the operators to offer the iPhone“.

But here’s more!!!

Based on a reliable source, Maxis does not seem to be the only one talking to Apple. Celcom on the hand is rumored to be talking with Apple since last year.

If you notice, some or maybe all Celcom/BlueCube stores sells Apple products and accessories such as this. Don’t you think Apple will support companies that supports them? That’s why AT&T was the first operator in the world to sell the iPhone.

Anyway, you never know that suddenly DiGi might launch its 3G with iPhone 3G.

Time will decide !!!

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