Monday, February 6, 2023

Packet One WiMAX offering

Over the last few days, since Packet One launched its WiMAX service, a lot of people has been asking me whether it is worth subscribing or is the package too expensive?

Here’s what I have to say. Given the scenario below, I hope you can find the answers.

Scenario- P1 offers a cheap WiMAX broadband service and everyone will be subscribing to their cheap 1Mbps service. At this moment, some 5-10% Maxis & Celcom 3G broadband users are sucking up 80-95% of the available bandwidth, and most of this 3G users are using P2P on the lower end plans such as the one priced @ RM68. Do you want to enjoy the same experiences as you were on Celcom 3G or Maxis 3G?

Since broadband services are shared in this country, you will be lucky if you get 1Mbps on Izzi’s so called 4G broadband service today. If P1 priced it’s broadband services for example 1Mbps @ RM68 a month, a lot of people will subscribe to it and eventually you don’t get the speed that you are paying for.

Since P1 is subsidizing the current WiMAX modem, recruiting new staffs, installing new base stations to extend coverage, buying more bandwidth and paying for the current bandwidth, it could kill the WiMAX company before it can even start making the first profit if it offers a cheap 1Mbps service.

The MCMC has committed it self to ensure that all broadband provider to country to offer at least 70% of the offering speed at all time. This means that you will be getting minimum 700Kbps at all time if you are subscribed to a 1Mbps service (it might take years, since it is MCMC). P1 is already on track for this.

P1’s CEO Michael Lai has committed that P1 will do everything it can to ensure users are getting the speed that they are paying for. As for those of you who did not know, Michael Lai(pict. above in black shirt) was the ex-CEO of TMNet. He resigned from the company due to some reasons.

In the same time, if P1 is offering a highly priced WiMAX service, than no one will be subscribing to their service, this will also kill them.

So, in simple words, if P1 is offering a cheap WiMAX service, they will go out of business. The same thing will happen if they offer expensive WiMAX packages.

If you you have any bad experience with the P1 WiMAX services or if it is taking so long for you to receive the modem, send me an email and be assured that the CEO of P1 will be informed on this.

At this moment, P1 is looking into offering a P2P only package for P2P users. What do you think about this? Opinions and suggestions are appreciated, please send me an email-malaysianwireless(at)

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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