Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Telcos in PC Fair

The smart PIKOM has placed all the telcos in one section.

Picture below shows DiGi at the up(far left end in yellow), Maxis in the middle(the largest/longest telco booth in green), TM on the right(far right in orange) and Celcom at the bottom (in blue).
DiGi Dealer and Maxis Sales Team selling side by side
Maxis bought half of the place just to put these benches. All these telcos were located at the last Hall (HAll 5) near the exit. Brilliant marketing strategies Maxis!! (Tired PC Fair visitors get to sit down while the Maxis sales people approach them)
What are they doing? PC to Mobile Phone call? Stay Tuned…
The Celcom Booth
Celcom Dealers selling “Golden Numbers”

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