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Malaysia to feel the DiGi wave again

It’s been over a year since DiGi lost its bid for a 3G license for the second time.

Today, DiGi is has a 3G license in hand, thanks to Time dotCom which bought the 3G license for RM50 million, did nothing with it, then sold it to DiGi for RM654 million and now that license is being put to good use as DiGi said it’s on scheduled to roll out the 3G network, earliest towards the end of this year or early next year.

What does DiGi have in mind? According to reliable sources, DiGi is studying the current market carefully and with Mobile Number Portability currently available, DiGi hopes to grab as many 3G customers from the others as it can.

In the past, DiGi has had a hard time offering better mobile coverage compared to its competitors, especially since the GSM 900 MHz frequency used by its competitors has from 2 to 3km longer range than GSM 1800Mhz used by DiGi.

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