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A Round Table Discussion with MPC

I attended a round table discussion (RTD) yesterday in MPC(Malaysia Productivity Corporation).

The objective of the RTD is to discuss the latest developments in the telecom sector and to identify the issues and challenges face by the industry.

We discussed a wide range of topics including broadband penetration, challenges faced by the industry players, Mobile Number Portability (MNP), challenges faced by the WiMAX players, mobile wallet, HSBB, Regulatory, Broadband as need/guarantee, USP fund, spectrum, contents…etc

The RTD was attended by more than 15 representative from the industry including MCMC, Asiaspace, Celcom, Felda, Sirim, KTAK, Dapat and more. Although being invited, TM did not send any representative to this RTD.

All suggestion and ideas from this RTD will be forwarded to the relevant department and the management of MCMC for action.

There will definitely be a second RTD and certainly a bigger one.

Telco Talk Malaysia would like to thank MPC for recognizing this site as a blog that could play a role in the development of the local telecom industry.

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