Tuesday, May 30, 2023

YTLE won’t be meeting WiMAX deadline

Looks like YTL e-Solutions (YTLE) won’t be meeting the deadline by the end of this year to launch the WiMAX service commercially and make it available to 25% of the human population in Peninsular Malaysia.

2 months back, SKMM was already taking about one WiMAX player who is not meeting their expectation. Could that be YTLE?

According to Tan Sri Dr. Francis Yeoh, Executive Chairman and MD of YTLE, they have “experimented” WiMAX last August in Bukit Bintang(for selected corporate customers). Can this be counted as a commercially launch?

There is a commercial pricing and packages from P1, Asiaspace and a business package from REDtone.

I am still waiting for YTL’s packages(and pricing) if they claim that they have already launch WiMAX in August 2008.

Read this, “YTLE confident to launch WiMAX service nationwide next year“.

As Tan Sri Dr. Francis Yeoh said “We are engineers and we can make it happen”, for a nationwide WiMAX coverage in Peninsular Malaysia.

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