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Maxis-HP Bundle: A Disappointed Customer

What happens if you bought a bundle package and later you want to cancel it? Let’s say the bundle includes a HP notebook and a Maxis Broadband service, which company is responsible for after sales service? In a blog post by the author of Meshio.com, neither Maxis or HP solved the problem but MCMC was doing the work.

How can these happen? Company A bundles it’s product with Company B, but there are no proper channel for customers to refer and after sales service is bad. Why companies only plans to make sales but not ensure that customers are satisfied even after the sale? It seems Malaysian companies are looking for a short term business rather than the long term ones.

The result, this author now cancels the service and port his Maxis mobile number to another telco. His tell his story to the world and as for the experience with Maxis, he is is not going to recommend the service to anyone.

By the way, thumbs up to MCMC!!!

More about the experience here.

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