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WiMAX coming to Penang? (Update1)

As I have reported previously, now there are over 7 locations in Penang that is covered by WiMAX !!!

The WiMAX trial run service will be available at five sites covering a major part of George Town, including Komtar, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Lebuh Macallum/Magazine Road, Gottlieb Road, Perak Road/Burma Road bordering upper Jelutong, Bukit Tengah and Bukit Mertajam.

So far, Packet One has over 4,000 pre-registered users in Penang waiting for the WiMAX service to be available.

Packet One is in the midst of applying for additional seven sites to be included in the trial run schedule by the end of March.

P1 has planned for a total of 28 sites, each supporting about 2,000 users, which will cover about 70% of Penang over a 18-months period and supported by free WiFi.

The Penang Goverment is also working on local content developtment which is expected to be announced soon.

Note that Wireless@Penang is consist of two projects:

  • Penang free WiFi
  • WiMAX@Penang

The mega-launch of the WiMAX@Penang is expected to be in March 2009.

Read the official story here.

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