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Mobile World Mag on your mobile

Mobile World has launched Mobile World Pocket recently that will allow you to download a “light version” of the magazine to your phone.

“Apart from viewing our exclusive content, you can also participate in our comments section and also vote for your top phone for that month. Also, we have our Buying Guide built into that as well. Now you can access info on any phones on the go. ” said Nigel Yap, Editor of Mobile World.

To download the free Mobile World Pocket:

Step 1: Type ‘GET MAG’ in your SMS and send it to 22039.

Step 2: You’ll receive and SMS: Thanks for downloading Mobile World. Please click to start downloading.

Step 3: The application will be installed onto your phone and you can start accessing its content immediately.

Note that currently Mobile World Pocket is available only to Maxis customers and should work on most of the Java phones.

For comments or discussion about this new application, contact Mobile World on Facebook.

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