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Test your Streamyx with M-Lab

Google (and New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, PlanetLab Consortium, academic researchers) has launched Measurement Lab (M-Lab).

Measurement Lab (M-Lab) is an open, distributed server platform for researchers to deploy Internet measurement tools. The goal of M-Lab is to advance network research and empower the public with useful information about their broadband connections. By enhancing Internet transparency, M-Lab helps sustain a healthy, innovative Internet.About M-Lab

Basically, you can use M-Lab to test your Streamyx, Celcom 3G, WiFi, WiMAX or Maxis Broadband connection to know why your internet connection is slow. You can also know what type of applications(Exp: P2P) that your Internet Service Provider is blocking.

Here’s what Google said when they launched M-Lab:

When an Internet application doesn’t work as expected or your connection seems flaky, how can you tell whether there is a problem caused by your broadband ISP, the application, your PC, or something else? It can be difficult for experts, let alone average Internet users, to address this sort of question today.-source

Currently, there are three tools available on M-Lab, running on three servers at one location, and they will only be able to support a limited number of simultaneous users. A total of 36 servers will be deployed across 12 locations early in 2009.

M-Lab is still at development stage but you can get involved here.

Now you can really find out whether these ISPs are fast enough as they claim.



  • Google M-Lab Probes Flaky Internet Connections
  • Best effort? Let’s bust Streamyx speed promise with Google tools

P.s: Measurement Lab (M-Lab) servers are overloaded. “Too many clients waiting to be served”.

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