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VoIP services in Malaysia

Here’s my reply to a reader asking about VoIP services in Malaysia. There are lots of VoIP services out there, but here’s 3 VoIP services that I think is interesting.

Time- Broadband Voice (Fixed Line Type)

Time dotCom recently launched their VoIP service that both SME and consumers can afford. The cheapest package cost RM58 and local calls are charged at RM0.10 per minute while mobile calls at RM0.18 per minute.

To use Broadband Voice, you need to rent the VoIP CPE (Terminal) that will cost you RM15 per month. The service works on any broadband connection.

More info- Broadband Voice

Jaring-My015 (Fixed Line Type)

Last checked, My015 is only avalible for Jaring customers. You can make calls between Jaring users for free and pay RM0.10 per minute for off net calls.

The Jaring Wireless Broadband service (Flite) starts from RM40 per month.

Maxis- Voice2Go (PC Software)

Remember when I first talked about Voice2Go? The service has been launched a few months back. Monthly fee is at RM8 only and you get 100 minutes of talktime for free to any Maxis numbers. After that, calls to Maxis numbers is at RM0.15 per minute while calls to other local operators is at RM0.20 per minute. SMS is as low as RM0.05.

Some of the latest features that I was recently updated by the Maxis Broadband Department includes:

  • IM capability
  • Call Conferencing (6-way)
  • Find Me
  • Voice – IDD

The feature I like the most is the capability of receiving calls on multiple numbers. You can register up to 5 (maybe 6) numbers in Voice2Go and all your phones will ring if someone calls you on your 015 number whether you are offline or online.

Voice2Go requires a stable 64Kbps(both uplink & downlink) connection to work. To subcribe, you need to walk in to a Maxis Centre. Voice2Go numbers starts from 0154xxxxxx.

More info here

Correction: Maxis Voice2Go- Calls to Maxis numbers is at RM0.15 per minute and NOT RM0.10.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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