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Mobile Internet: Speed vs Connectivity

How many of you uses mobile internet on your mobile phone? If you do then which will you prefer, do you want connectivity or speed?

When I say connectivity, I mean any type of mobile connection starting from GPRS up to HSDPA regardless of the mobile technology as long as you have a mobile connection on your phone.

As for speed, I am talking about 3G, HSDPA and above.

Personally, when it comes to mobile phone, I will prefer connectivity even if its GPRS. As long as I could check my email(not download emails), MSN on the phone and do some very light surfing on the phone(wap sites), and that’s enough for me.

Looking back at the telco’s mobile broadband offering, everything is catered to speed but not connectivity. There are unlimited packages for EDGE(DiGi), 3G and HSDPA but no packages that are GPRS-based.

In my opinion, GPRS only data packages could cost less than RM30 a month looking at DiGi’s secondary unlimited EDGE package at RM33. So why not offer a GPRS only data package?

GPRS does not offer high speed mobile connection but it could drive the adoption of mobile application on mobile phones, at least it is a start for first time users as they could upgrade to 3G when they demand more speed. On top of that GPRS is available almost everywhere, as long as you have a mobile signal.

It is also a new revenue for mobile operators as their GPRS and EDGE network will be underutilised as more subscribers move to the 3G and HSDPA network(as the coverage expands) and most of them are doing it because they require mobile broadband.

It is time for a cheap mobile connectivity, not expensive high speed mobile broadband packages for those who want cheap connectivity on their mobile phone.

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