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Tune Talk is launching

Now XOX is available and it is now time for Tune Talk to launch!!

A friend of mine in the mobile industry said that the launch date could be 15 June or 15 July. However my resources points out that Tune Talk will be launching in June 2009.

It is believed that Tune Talk has a MVNO license in Singapore and they plan to be the largest MVNO operator in ASEAN as long as Air Asia fly to that particular country. Have you guys heard anything about this?

For those of you who are not aware, Tune Talk is currently running a contest at http://www.freedom2talk.org/(it is an extremely heavy website, why does these MVNOs like to copy Celcom’s website?) where they are looking for a Chief Talker. Up to RM50,000 can be won and you can also choose your favorite “010”prefix number.

On Facebook- The “Chief Talker” Election

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