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Celcom Broadband Not Number 1 on Speed

Celcom is currently the Number 1 mobile broadband provider in Malaysia. True, but the question here is are they number 1 in speed as well?

Take a look at the screen shots below(using Celcom HSDPA), taken around 11.30pm on June 28, 2009(Sunday).

Please open image in a separate window for a larger view:

Celcom 3G crawling speed on YouTube
Ping to YouTube (Some hops failed to response, beginning in Local Network)
Ping to Facebook.com (Indicating a serious problem with Celcom3G)
Ping to celcom.com.my (Slow from the very beginning, indicating a serious problem with Celcom3G)
I will not say that this is what you experience all the time, there are time where you get very good speed on Celcom 3G, but not all the time.

It is true that this was tested on Sunday night where it is during peak hours, but this proof something, Celcom3G is oversubscribed because I don’t get speed faster than 3G although I am on a HSDPA package. It also shows that the network does not have enough bandwidth to support users at peak time.

It is believed that Celcom signs up approximately 20,000 broadband users in Central region every month(not official) but they don’t upgrade their network bandwidth to cope with this extra 20k customers every month.

3G network has their limits, unless you upgrade the network and bandwidth, don’t sign up for new customers. It is good for business(signing up new customers) but customer experience is much more important.

I understand this from a technical point of view, but a normal user out there will not understand this as they want a reliable, fast internet connection whenever they want to use it.

Celcom, it is time to upgrade your network or slow down your new sign ups. Being number 1 is good, but think of your current subscribers who made you number 1, do you want to let them down?

P.s: I will continue to make one post on Celcom 3G speedtest every month, if results are disappointing.

Note: This is my opinion and does not represent any organization, companies or any publications out there.

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