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Happy’s response to Tune Talk

It has been months since Happy launch something new. This time in response to Tune Talk giving away free Air Asia ticket worth RM200 to their top ten users of the day, Happy is giving free 1,000 voice minutes to its top twenty voice users of the day.

Sounds interesting? As a Happy user, you must at least make a 10 minutes call to be in the running for the free minutes. Campaign starts today till 23 October 2009. Official news will be on the Mobile World website.

The only thing confusing here is that users will only receive the free airtime starting November 2009, which is about 2 months(NOT 3 months as stated earlier) from now after this campaign is over. On top of that, Happy users will only receive 200 minutes each month over a period of 5 months(total 1,000 minutes) and these free minutes can only be used within the DiGi network. Does this make you HAPPY now?

The Difference between Happy & Tune Talk
Happy is not really an MVNO, but they operate in such way. They try not to relate them self to DiGi and is believed to be operating independently such as using their own corporate communication. While Tune Talk is a complete MVNO with different business plan and targets.

Tune Talk uses the word “lowest flat rate in the market” in their press release but Happy uses “lowest call rate nationwide”. Confusing?

The similarity between Happy & Tune Talk
Both operators offers no frills prepaid services. In other words, if you need something “extra”, you need to pay more it. For an example, calling their helpline is chargeable.

The operators also offers call rates that are cheap, cheaper than the market. Another similarity is Happy is a brand owned by DiGi while Tune Talk is partly owned by Celcom.

What would be your preference- Happy or Tune Talk?

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