Monday, June 5, 2023

Mobile Operators on Twitter

Do you know that at least 5 mobile operators are on Twitter? Here’s the list:

P1 WiMAX( Follow @P1W1Max)
Being on the first telco to start a twitter account in Malaysia, P1 has been doing very well with it. So far they have been responding to all enqueries, helping customers resolve problem and proving updates on P1 & social media. Personal I recommend you to follow this account if your are on Twitter. Follow @P1W1Max for consumer related updates or @P1Media for media enquiries.

DiGi (Follow @DiGi_Telco)
At least 10 people in DiGi is using this account to tweet. Although there are so many people, you don’t see them twitting as much as P1. But the updates are worth following. One example of their tweet include “Lookin for [email protected] Music Live tickets? We’ve created an app, for FB and Friendster, to get ’em! Check it out “. If you want updates on DiGi, follow them at @DiGi_Telco

Maxis (Follow @maxiscomms)
Maxis also recently started a Twitter account. In most cases, they talk about freebies, product, and marketing. Although @maxiscomms do take complaints from consumers, it still goes back to their customer service unlike P1 which they usually follow up for the customer. In other words, they are no difference from Maxis customer service if you make a complaint via Twitter. At least they have been active on Twitter and responding to most enquiries. A good start for Maxis in communicating with the customers!

Celcom (Follow @myxpax)
Claimed to be official for Celcom, this twitter account is handled by Blue Cube, a mobile phone dealer fully owned by Celcom. The tweets are mostly marketing related, personal(to the person tweetting), more updates on social media(rather than Xpax), and junks. If you want to be spammed on updates not related to Celcom, you may follow @myxpax and also @BlueCubeCelcom.

U Mobile (Follow @umobile018)
The person twitting for U Mobile is a friendly person, so it is easy to ask them questions via twitter. Updates mostly include product, marketing and promotions. You should follow this account if you are interested on U Mobile.

Hopefully more Telcos and IT related companies will be more “consumer friendly” by getting involve in social media.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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