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P1 is an example to the Broadband Industry

It is the 1st time(that I know) an ISP in Malaysia has come out publicly and ask users to provide feedback on their service, whether it is good or bad.

“We regard those who send us negative comments as our best friends; only a good friend will be honest and frank,” said its chief marketing officer, Kenny Wong-source

P1 is currently the only ISP in the country to open various active channel for customers to provide feedback on their service. These channels include their customer hotline, email, social networks, dealers and more.

Personally, I have seen the man himself(CEO of P1, Michael Lai) apologising to customers and following up a customer’s complaint despite his busy schedule. From Marketing, Corp Comm, to Product, I have not seen a team of people who are passionate with their work, open to feedback, and serious with what they do.

How many CEOs have you seen “turun padang“(coming down) to their own roadshows or booths to help out? None? Well, Michale Lai is one of them.

If you walk up to an ISP to complaint about their lousy service, in most cases they will put a blame on something that does not relate back to them. In this case P1 is different, they accept the critics and in the same tries to resolve the problem. Although you may not experience this at all levels(example: customer service), the management has been trying their level best to improve customer experience, for an example, the people who handles P1’s Twitter account is not part of the customer service team.

I am not saying P1 is perfect, but their willingness to improve the service sets a good example to the broadband industry in Malaysia. It is not that the other ISPs are not improving, but how to improve if they are not doing the best to listen to their own customers, get feedback? Even the biggest ISP in the country, TMNet doesn’t have any social networking presence when it is estimated millions of Malaysian are using social media.

ISPs need to change! If you offer an Internet service, you don’t communicate with your broadband customers through the phone. Malaysians deserve a better broadband experience.

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