Monday, February 6, 2023

Adv: Rural areas troubled by slow connections

A team of experts from leading UK broadband comparison site recently conducted a survey amidst broadband users in rural areas of the UK posing questions such as: “Are you happy with the speed of your broadband connection?” and “Do you wish for a faster connection?” The results of which indicated that 87% of the respondents were “Unhappy” with their broadband connection’s speed; and that 33% were “Extremely unhappy”. Over 90% said that they wished for a faster connection broadband connection.

The team complied a report based on these findings concluding that the English countryside suffered ‘significantly due to slow broadband connections.’ The Royal Academy of Engineering which is also of a similar stand opines that the UK should follow suit with Ireland in launching competitions for broadband providers in Europe to provide broadband to the rural areas. The situation is no different in the rural areas in other parts of the world. In Malasiya, for example, work is on to bring forth quality broadband connections to the suburban as well as rural areas. Intel Malaysia and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission have joined forces to bring this into existence. The two titans are encouraging the use of community broadband centres in the said areas.

A blogging contest with the topic, “Why do I need broadband?” was conducted at the CBCs (community broadband centres) in the Besut district in Terenggan for the cause. Reportedly, about 350 blogs were submitted most of which were those of first time users of the services of the CBCs. Nazli Awang Had, the manager of business development at Intel Malaysia said that they were seeking a collaboration with the Government and private sector in order to ‘bridge the digital divide’ which will aid in attaining 50% broadband penetration by next year.

Broadband connections of adequate speeds are essential for users in rural areas of any nation as it will aid in the overall upliftment of their business and lifestyles. So, it indeed is heartening to see that many nations are keen on the job.

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