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Celcom Unlimited Data Plan at RM38

New Celcom Broadband plan at RM38 per month with max speed of 128Kbps, no contract.

You can only subscribe it with a postpaid voice plan and data is limited to 500MB per month. If you exceed this data limit, you will experience slower speed for the month.

This data plan has been available for sometime in Celcom but it was only offered to selected customer(on invitation).

I will like to thank Celcom to make a first move in offering such low entry package. I did mention in April that such entry level data plan “could drive the adoption of mobile application on mobile phones”. Read “Mobile Internet: Speed vs Connectivity“.

To subscribe, you need to walk in to Celcom Branch and fill up a form although this is an add on service to your postpaid line (unlike DiGi, you can just make a call to subscribe for data). Celcom’s number one service?


Why is Celcom calling this broadband at 128kbps when even DiGi don’t claim their faster EDGE at 200Kbps as broadband?

P.s: Are you aware of the new Celcom Blackberry Prepaid and Postpaid 2G offerings? Read “Celcom releases BlackBerry 8520 packages

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  • I am using Celcom Unlimited Data Plan at RM38. These few days neither I can use it online nor send mms.

  • This plan has a max speed of 256kbps now yeah. I’m not sure about general internet usage, but this is perfect for those using cheap GPRS enabled phones in their telemetry projects, like GPS tracking!

    • I use it for my laptop online, speed hits 4xx kbps. I feel ths speed is fine for me for normal internet browsing. Today, it back to normal

    • Guest

      Asked Celcom Customer Support and they said there is no throttling of the speed. This plan can even enjoy LTE, 3G etc

  • Ridz_9334


  • Cepmariju

    hmmm…..this is useful.. i bought celcom broadband yesterday…and it has great signal….

  • yongHK

    the package still available??? if yes, how to apply?

  • Arthur Lee

     I had 2 celcom sims. One got throttled because I exceeded the 2GB download limit. The other sim, simultaneously stopped connecting also, tho I had 6 days left on that plan, and had no downloads.  After 6 emails to customer service, (and 1 day left on my plan) they wrote back saying that since I had not given them an alternative mobile number they could not help me. (1. They never tried calling my primary number, why do they need an alternate, 2. I gave them both my numbers with the first email.) 

    • 1M

      yea..sometimes they r really unpro!! but, i m juz satisfied wit their strong connectivity-line tho…..^^

  • ariella duka

    kampung saya terletak di ( mile 7 ) jalan miri/bintulu, tempat ini juga disebut sbg lambir/jln lambir/kpg lambir/kpg tunku abdul rahman lambir dan 13 kilometer dari pusat bandar miri ( pejabat celcom ) di tmpt saya ini ada pencawang/pemancar milik maxis.com, provider celcom yg saya contact kat ( 1111 ) merekonais tempat saya ini sbg ( petronas servay jaya ) kawasan saya ini adalah ( pinggir bandar ) dan bukan luar bandar dan sebelah menyeblah nya adalah RPR ( tmn tunku/tmn jelita/riam teck/pejabat tv3/ dan internet celcom sangat perlahan disini, download lagu mp3 je sampai 1 jam 1 lagu/ tak boleh video call kerna tak de 3g, tak dapat guna internet explorer di sini kerana rangkaian celcom sangat lemah dan keadaan ini dah bertahun tahun berlaku di lambir miri and at finally….. I stop using the celcom internet kerana tiada penambahan baik yang dilakukan oleh pihak celcom dan last2 at october 2012, I pakai telekom dan speed milik telekom sangat pantas dilambir ini, tidak spt Celcom yang sangat Lembap. dan sekarang saya tak gunakan Celcom, kerana ( Bazir Wang ) pakai internet celcom yang lembap ini… merugikan.